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Grand Bahia Principe Coba

Mexico - Riviera Maya

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3 Nights with Air from $699 All-Inclusive
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4.4 out of 5
"I enjoyed my stay to say the least... The atmosphere screamed "paradiso!" i went feeling overworked and overwhelmed, i came back with a second wind on life. No complaints, Money well spent."
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Awesome beach Outside COBA lobby and main buffet. A little piece of heaven Coba Lobby Walk ways between buildings Coba pool Beautiful beach pool near the beach The pool at Coba Ample room Poolside bar Coba beach Tulum Beach
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June 26, 2011
Great Hotel but some issues

We stayed at the Coba for a week from June 11th through June 18th with a group of 17 people. We do a family reunion vacation once a year with from 15 to 30 people. Ages in the group range from 2-78. We have stayed at the Coba before and returned because of our good experience there. First the good. Felix in Guest Services did a phenomenal job helping us arrange reservations (not an easy task for 17 people) in the a la carte restaurants, getting us all close together, and upgrading us to the Premier or golden status and rooms. When Aeromexico lost one of my daughters bags, Felix helped us call the airline and gave my daughter some hotel t shirts. The rooms were excellent, the beds were super, (they had mattress toppers already on them), and the minibar was filled daily. The rooms were kept clean with a different towel animal everyday. The tv is small and not a flat screen but we do not watch much tv on vacation and it is not important to us. The bathroom is large and was well stocked with travel sized toiletries, robes and slippers, and our beach towels were waiting for us in the room. The shower does not close and it is easy to get water on the floor but again, that did not inconvenience us much. We were greeted in most of our rooms with a fruit basket and a bottle of Spanish sparkling wine. The pools are varied and beautiful with plenty of activities or non activity as you choose. The beach is also beautiful although the sand is not very fine and there are lots of rocks in certain areas. There is also a reef with decent snorkeling but more on that later. The beach is long and makes for a good walk or jog. The swing bar on the beach is fun but most of the time the bartender there was overwhelmed, making drinks as fast as he could although the wait was never more than five minutes. There are also hammocks on the beach (and by some of the pools) and plenty of palapas. We were always able to find a shady palapa at all hours. Sometimes you just had to walk a little. The buffet at Coba was very good for a buffet and we enjoyed it greatly. The premier buffet opened for breakfast the day we left and it is smaller and more intimate. I do not know why it was closed all week. We also ate at the Akumal buffet once and it was very crowded with a wait to sit down and the food was not as good. We received excellent drink service in the buffet from the same waiters all week (Geronimo and Mauricio) as we always sat in the same long tables for our large group. They recognized us, were very attentive and played games with us, making funny hats out of napkins and having us drink shots. We ate in the Mikado, which is the Japanese, the Gran Tortuga which is the Brazilian, and Le Gourmet. They were all excellent with attentive service, excellent presentation and delicious food. The show table at the Mikado is what you see in a Benihanas but it was still good although very warm in there. The other restaurants were very comfortable. The bars were good with decent table service in most areas. Drinks were as strong as you wanted them but the drink menu presented in the bars is not very long. They would make what you asked for but they did not have a lot of suggestions or a daily exotic drink that I have seen elsewhere. The disco was full the nights we went, thinning out sometime around 1:30 am. We did not go to any shows having seen too many of those before. The lobby bands were ok. Ok, now to the problems. The mosquitos were horrible at night. They insisted that they were fogging everyday but I never saw them and I got a different story from different managers as to when they fogged. With the mosquito problems they need more indoor air conditioned areas to serve as a sanctuary. But of the few that existed, I know that some were closed all week. My biggest problem with the resort has to do with their ecological foundation. In their zeal to protect the reef, they whistle and tell you not to snorkel around the reef although there are no signs that say that area is off limits. The signs say no swimming in the boat channel and that the reef is protected and not to stand on it or touch it. I complained to management and they told me at first that it was against the law to swim there, which they later admitted was a lie. And to be so ecologically conscious, it is hypocritical to open a dolphinarium with several dolphins in a small concrete pool where they forced to live for the pleasure of tourists. I will not return to a resort where I can not snorkel as that is important to me, even though the rest of the resort is wonderful. I will say that if you snorkel early before 7:30 am, there is no one there yet to whistle, tell you to get out and then chastise you when you get on the beach.

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Overall Rating: 4
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Top 250 Contributor
From: Texas
Age: 45-54
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

October 5, 2012
Love it !....Beautiful Resort

We just came back from our vacation at the GB... The resort is beautiful, great service and the food is just delicious....lots of restaurants and buffets to choose from. Definitely we will return and use CheapCaribbean. Everyone is very professional.

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Overall Rating: 4
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From: Corona, CA
Age: 55-64
Travel: 3-6 trips/year

May 15, 2013
Pretty good. I'll share a couple of tricks.

GOOD THINGS. People here were very friendly. We LOVED THE COBA! If you want both action and convenience, choose COBA. This is the best property of the three – COBA, TULUM, and AKUMAL. COBA has the best buffet – Kukulkan; The best restaurants, right next to each other, the Coliseum with evening shows, Water Park, Plenty of pools, Dancing floor, Two live music bars, Kids club. Everything within a walking distance. The food was excellent, dining areas very clean. If you are a drinker, you should not be disappointed as the drinks were unlimited and the selection was enormous. My wife was fine with it, but I always asked them to put more alcohol in mine (I’m not a heavy drinker at all), as they don’t put much of it otherwise. The grounds are pristine and beautiful with plenty of lights at night. The waters at the beach are separated from the sea by a barrier, so even on the windy day when most of the see is rough you have nice and calm water to swim in. When that happens the waves bring over a lots of fish and makes it nice to snorkel inside of the barrier and the water is so clear so even without a mask you can watch a lots of beautiful species. You can snorkel outside of the barrier during calm weather and see even more pretty things. Villas are nicely situated. Neighbors, walkers or trolley never bothered us. Rooms are comfortable and clean. You have nice balcony, but no ocean view. Moving around is easy, most of the things are within a walking distance. Trolley can take you anywhere you want. We have had no problems moving around with our two kids and a stroller. The large distance from the airport brings this resort closer to many attractions and makes it cheaper and more convenient to get there. In addition, it keeps all kinds or local entrepreneurs away. We have never been bothered by anyone on the beach or anywhere else. Choose villas with single digit – 1, 2, 3 etc. They have the best location. Even though on the map it may seem to be far, don’t be fooled, it’s just 2 minutes walk from everything. In addition, you get closer to Premier Akumal, which is premier lobby with great bar, another buffet, more trolley stops, next to major restaurants and closer ride to the beach. Finally, bring high UV-rated sun block. The sun is very bright and active there. Clouds are a luxury. It’s easy to be burned and then you have to hide from the sun for the rest of your trip. If you like scuba diving or snorkeling make sure the sea is calm, when it’s rough the fish and turtles tend to hide so you won’t see nothing. You can get free tickets from Timeshare promoters for taking 90 min tour of the property. Not too bad. But squeeze them out; they got more to offer than they start with. BAD THINGS. Now the things that can be improved. The small inconvenience is DISTANCE TO A BEACH. However, they have trolley running all the time, never crowded, so you get to the beach very fast. Pools have many CHAIRS, but should have more. They are best available around lunchtime when people go for lunch and not coming back. If you want one in the morning, you better get there early. However, it’s not as bad as at some other resorts. There are actually signs that require remove towel if you’re not staying at the pool !!! Theoretically, you could go to the staff and complain, but it never got to that with us, even though we had party of eight. PROBLEM WITH DINNER RESERVATION. Make dinner reservation on the first day of arrival or even ahead of time from abroad especially if you have a big crowd. These are very tough to get later in the stay. But we learned one thing – later at night, around 9-10pm, when night shows start you could just walk into most of the restaurants and get a table even without reservation, especially if there are not many of you. Most of the staff knows very LITTLE ENGLISH. Trolley drivers, waiters, maids, service people are all Spanish speakers only. Some know a little bit. The only exception would be Front desk people and restaurant managers as well as people at the attractions. NOISE. If you like going to bed early – do not take villas close to Coliseum. They have loud music until 11pm and it gets to you, even when you attempt to watch TV inside of the room. We had small kids that go to bed at 9pm and had to ask to be moved. Even when I made a request at 10 am, we had to wait for the next day because that’s their rule. Kind of disappointed with such silly rule. They move the entire Luggage for you; just make sure you got nothing loose. SERVICE REQUESTS. Call if you need something several times as they tend to forget about you. ROOMS CLEANING AND PESTS. In addition to our room not being cleaned every day for some reason, we’ve had two huge cockroaches in our room, one of them woke me up at night by running over me. I killed them both and called the front desk right away. They promised to send someone over. After the trip, next day I put up a bet with my wife that they have not came in yet even though we were away for 7 hours. I won !! I called the front desk and yelled at them. A crew of four people showed up at our doorsteps in five minutes. Ever since we had no pest problems whatsoever, our room was clean and beds fixed every single day. The lesson learned - if you wake up late, take a nap in the afternoon and have “Do not disturb” hanging on your door too often, call front desk and tell them what is the usual time you’re out, so they clean up your room while you’re at breakfast. NO INTERNET. If you’re planning on keeping communicating like home, be prepared to cope with very, very slow free internet in the Lobby only or very expensive fast one. BRING EVERYTHING WITH YOU. The sun screens, toys, batteries, medication are outragesly priced. Example - $30 for sun block, which is $2.50 at Wal-Mart. DO NOT BUY SUN AND FUN DOLLARS. Better deals are available at various tour operators at the resort. Fun and Sun dollars can only be spent with Olympus tours, which has reps in one furthest lobby only and only one rep, so get in line. AIRCONDITIONING. A/C was running somewhat slow for my taste, as I like air to be drier. You get room cooled down, but the humidity is still pretty high. We always kept the ceiling fan running with a/c at the lowest setting PHONE CALLS. Make sure you have cheap roaming for your mobile phone or calling card. Otherwise get ready to pay big bill. I had to call our Shuttle company and had two numbers - one local and one toll-free. Neither of them were free. Each - $3/minute. Front desk person response to my question about toll-free number was: we're not part of that network. What ???? So, do not be fooled. Get all the arrangements ahead of time. For a week you are in the ancient wold.

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Overall Rating: 4
Beaches & Pools
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Room Comfort
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Top 500 Contributor
From: Baltimore, MD
Age: 35-44
Travel: 3-6 trips/year

February 4, 2011
First trip to Riviera Maya Dec 2010

Fabulous time, the all inclusive pkg is well worth it. The three resorts are clean and safe for families. The resort is a bit far from the airport but we didn't mind the drive because the resort is paradise and we're on vacation!! The staff is friendly. When we arrived, we had a 2 hr wait for our room which gave us time to tour the hotel lobby, shops, have a bite to eat and a couple of refreshing drinks. We were hungry after a very early start to the airport that morning. We stayed at the resort for 10 days and I can honestly say the food is good and offers a wide selection. We booked a la cart restaurants, excursions and liked our room. There is WiFi in the hotel lobbies only. It is a large 3 resort complex so be prepared for walking. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and we enjoyed spending every minute outdoors. There are trams that travel by all the hotel rooms every 10 mins and will take you to and from all 3 hotels, shopping areas, sports areas and to the beach if you don't want to walk. You have access to all 3 hotels, restaurants and beach/pool areas within the resort grounds. You don't have to leave the secured resort except for excursions. The weather is balmy with a constant warm breeze. Very relaxing. We enjoyed everything about this resort :) and plan to return. The worse part about our trip was the Cancun Airport. After arriving and clearing customs, once we walked through the final door towards the exit, we were bombarded by solicitors trying to sell us discounted excursions in order to get us to go to a competitor hotel chain (scam) for a 2.5 hr tour and sales pitch to pressure us into joining a new type of "time share". The solicitors are right in your face and try to grab your luggage to hold you from leaving the bldg. It is abrupt, rude and an invasion of personal space. I would like to see the cancun airport get rid of them, it's not welcoming or good for tourism. It's best to buy all excursion pkgs through your hotel because they support professional, insured excursions for your safety. Enjoy your vacation, cheers!!

First trip to Riviera Maya Dec 2010
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Overall Rating: 4
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From: Ontario, Canada
Age: 45-54

Room Information

Grand Bahia Principe Coba features 1080 junior suites in 3 story villas. Suites come equipped with air-conditioning, hair dryer, satellite TV, in-room safe (extra charge applies), mini bar and a private balcony or terrace.

Room Details

Junior Suite Superior
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

What's to Love

It's an all-inclusive heap of happy beaching for all ages.

Being pampered with a soul-pleasing, mind-cleansing massage at the spa.

Getting one hour free each day of windsurfing, snorkeling and kayaking.

The Dolphinarium - an ahhsome dolphin entertainment show performed daily.


What We'd Change

While the resort is almost an hour away from the nearest airport, the joy of being chauffeured through paradise before arriving at an all-inclusive villa near the sea is definitely worth it.


Why You Should Go

It's 55 minutes from the airport. Patience now, beach soon.

The kiddos can get their splash on at the Bahia Scouts Water Park while you chillax.

For the exercisey people, there are sports, aerobics and a gym.

You'll have access to some of the amenities at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum. Double the resort, double the fun.

Available Amenities

  • Tour Assistance
  • Car Rental Available
  • Beach
  • Volleyball
  • Business Center ($)
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Babysitting/Child Care ($)
  • Children's Activities
  • Children's Pool
  • Cribs Available on Request
  • Currency Exchange
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Fitness/Exercise Room
  • Gift Shop
  • Kayaks
  • Kids Club
  • Laundry Services ($)
  • Lounge Chairs/Umbrellas
  • Snorkeling
  • Swim-Up Bar(s)
  • Pool Bar
  • Swimming Pool(s)
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Shuttle Service
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Aerobics
  • 24 Hour Front Desk
  • 24 Hour All-Inclusive
  • Dance Classes
  • Medical Services ($)
  • ATV Rental ($)
  • Water Polo
  • Nightclub/Disco
  • Bicycles
  • Billiards
  • Scuba Lessons
  • Horseback Riding ($)
  • 6 Restaurants
  • 9 Bars/Lounges
  • Darts
  • Porter/Bellhop
  • Shopping
  • Massage ($)
  • Computer Rental ($)
  • Audio-Visual Equipment ($)
  • Fax Machine ($)
  • Express Check-Out
  • Spa ($)
  • Conference Facilities ($)
  • Beach Towels
  • Catamarans
  • Handicap Room Available
  • Wedding Services ($)
  • 24 Hour Room Service ($)
  • Golf Packages Available ($)
  • Safe Deposit Box ($)
  • Sauna ($)
  • Steam Room ($)
  • Boogie Boarding
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pool Towels (complimentary)
  • Free Parking
  • Beauty Salon ($)
  • Dive Shop ($)
  • Near the beach
  • Babysitting Services ($)
  • Pool/Beach Bar
  • Banquet Facilities ($)

Nearby Excursions & Attractions

  • Beach
  • Dining
  • Dive Shop(s)
  • Golf Course(s)
  • Kayaking
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Medical Facilities
  • Motor Boat Rentals
  • Nightlife
  • Parasailing
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving

Map of Local Area

Here you will find an abundance of possibilities, something for every person of any age, for every type of vacation, for every budget and every activity.

Grand Bahia Principe Coba

Carretera Chetumal Benito Juarez, Km 250

+52 984 875 5000

Hotel Description

Grand Bahia Principe Coba: All-Inclusive & All-Tropicaliscious

Surrounded by lush jungle greenery, this tropical paradise is cuddled near a sugar-sand beach with spellbinding turquoise waters. Better still, its Mayan-inspired, eco-friendly and breath-stealing plants are tucked in every nook and cranny. Grab a nice fruity beverage, kick back and admire the ways of the waves day in and day out. Or, you can fancy oodles of activities like water sports, pool shenanigans and the crowd favorite: unlimited delish food and drinks.

Please note dining policies for this resort:

  • One dinner in a la carte restaurants per 3 night stay (advance reservation)
  • Two dinners in a la carte restaurants per 5 night stay (advance reservation)
  • Three dinners in a la carte restaurants per 7 night stay (advance reservation)

Royal Club Golden Exclusive Benefits:

  • 4 dinners in a la carte restaurants per week of stay (advance reservation)
  • Free internet in the club house
  • Private check-in
  • Private Club House
  • Private reception
  • Welcome Cocktail


With access to the a la carte restaurants of the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum, you have a boat load of nosh spots. Between the two properties, there are nine restaurants that include Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian and oceans more.

Le Gourmet
Type: Gourmet
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: A la carte gourmet cuisine with scrumptious dishes like beef minion a la rossini, lamb and shrimp with mushroom risotto and more. Reservations are required.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear long pants and a collared shirt.

Type: International
Hours: Breakfast- daily, 7am-10:30am; Lunch- daily, 1pm-3pm; Dinner- daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet featuring a variety of international dishes.

Type: Mediterranean
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: A la carte Mediterranean restaurant open for dinner only; Reservations are required.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear long pants and a collared shirt.

Type: Japanese
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Japanese restaurant with teppanyaki grills where chefs prepare dinner with flair in front of your eyes. Reservations are required.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear long pants and a collared shirt.

Type: Seafood
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Fresh seafood dishes served a la carte. Reservations are required.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear long pants and a collared shirt.

Type: Italian
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Avant garde Italian served a la carte with an ocean view. Reservations are required.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear long pants and a collared shirt.

All hours are subject to change.


There are eight snazzy bars, including the necessary swim-up and beach bars that all beach lovers demand. Once you awake from your dreamy afternoon booze snooze, your nights out are about to get a lot more exciting than a wine and cheese party. You've got a sports bar, disco, piano bar and even a casino for you to test your luck.

El Arrecife
Jacuzzi bar. Daily, 9am-5pm.

Lobby bar with table service. Daily, 10am-11:30pm.

La Casita
Buffet-style snack bar. Open 24 hours.

Entertainment bar. Daily, 8pm-10pm.

Lobby bar. Daily, 10am-11:30pm.

Swim-up bar. Daily, 9am-6pm.

Swim-up bar. Daily, 9am-6pm.

La Iguana
Jacuzzi bar. Daily, 9am-5pm.

Music Bar
Piano bar with table service. Daily, 6pm-11pm.

Buffet-style snack bar. Daily, 7am-7pm.


Near a swoon-worthy Caribbean beach, guests can delight in over a mile of gentle, pearly white sands and hypnotizing hues of blue waves. On land, there are two ginormous, lake-style pools both equipped with swim-up bars (thank goodness).



  • Boogie boards
  • Catamaran
  • Kayaks
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing classes

Available for an additional charge:

  • Fishing trip
  • Jet skis
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba diving courses
  • Snorkel diving tour


  • Aerobics
  • Basketball
  • Bicycles
  • Darts
  • Gym
  • Mini-Golf
  • Patanque (beach only)
  • Ping-Pong
  • Soccer
  • Stretching
  • Tennis (extra charge for lights)
  • Volleyball

Guests may take advantage of the beautiful Riviera Maya Golf Club. designed by Robert Trent Jones II.


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the resort.


Enjoy massages and treatments inspired by ancient Mayan techniques at the spa located at Grand Bahia Principe Coba.
  • Massages
  • Body treatments & Facials
  • Hairdressing service & Beauty Salon
  • Hydrotherapy


Grand Bahia Principe Coba offers four wedding packages, beautiful surroundings and the services of a wedding coordinator to make your special day go as smoothly as possible.

HONEYMOON BONUS: Bottle of wine and box of chocolates, bathrobes and slippers in room upon arrival, turn-down service, 20% discount on Couples Spa massage, special room decoration and surprise gift.


At the hotel you'll find shows and activities that are perfect for kids and families. In the Principito mini-club for kids there are daily activities including the following:
  • Boogies Competition
  • Magic paint
  • Mini Discotheque
  • Musical chairs
  • Treasure hunt


Grand Bahia Principe Coba is located 60 minutes from Cancun International Airport (CUN), 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen and 20 minutes from Tulum.

Check In/Check Out
Check-in: 3pm. Check-out: noon. A valid credit card may be required upon check in for possible incidentals not included in your hotel reservation.

Holy Week
In observance of Holy Week, some resorts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Costa Rica may put limits on the use of motorized water sports, and loud music.

Environmental Levy Fee
The Municipalidad of Solidaridad in the Rivera Maya is one of the most beautiful places in the Mexican Caribbean. Tourism has been instrumental in driving the economic and social development of the region. In an effort to continue to preserve, conserve and beautify the destination, the Municipality of Solidaridad has implemented a small environmental levy on visitors effective September 1, 2017. Hotels will collect 20 Mexican pesos per room per day on check out; the proceeds will be deposited in an environmental trust to fund local projects. The Municipalidad of Solidaridad thanks you for your understanding and support of this worthwhile endeavor. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

All hours, fees, amenities, information and services are subject to change without notice.

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