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Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay


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4 Nights with Air from $1,049 All-Inclusive
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4.6 out of 5
"The quality of the food was not as good as the Excellence Resprts or the Sandals Resorts." – Harriet
299 out of 322 (93%) customers would recommend this product to a friend. Read All Reviews
beach Montego Bay our view in the morning!! love it!!! a view from my suite amazing view easter celebration Arriving at Secrets Wild Orchid The wonderful beach! View from our room from our balcony at sunset Looking toward St. James View from the balcony the good life. The elusive Jamaican Santa drinking a martini The view from the ocean A glass of sorrel juice with rum and ginger, on the patio of Secrets Wild Orchid Preferred Club Beach from room balcony Our room my pool outside my suite catarman curise paradise! Beautiful!! Room balcony view front entrance the beach! Not just for Couples... Sunset a LATE morning coffee lol View from our room one of the beaches snorkeling at the resort Me and the hubby...we survived our excursion View from our room...I miss it! Me with Dr. O :-) our private pool at night
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July 5, 2012
Best Vacation Ever

My husband I went to Secrets Wild Orchid for our honeymoon last week and we really could not have picked a better place. There are so many good things about this resort that I don't know where to start. -Arrival: when we first got to the resort we were ushered in to one of the front desks to check in. We were given a glass of champagne and a cold washcloth to help cool off. All of the staff made us feel so welcome. It made it seem like they had been waiting all day just for our arrival. It was very nice to have that as a first impression. The bellboy who brought our stuff up to our room was really great, too. He took the time to show us everything about our room such as the safe and how to enter a code, where to put dirty dishes, and just different things. Checking in was a breeze. -Food: Before coming to Jamaica we had heard over and over the food is terrible, but no one we knew had ever stayed at SWO and if they had they would not have said that. Every single meal we enjoyed. I think we both agreed that the meal at the Blue Mountain restaurant was our favorite. I think the least favorite for both of us was the Surf and Turf buffet on Friday nights, but even that was still good. We loved the way the restaurants were laid out and how it felt like you were going somewhere nice every night and didn't have to leave the resort. The breakfast buffet was amazing. I am pretty sure breakfast became my husband's favorite meal because of it. The servers all tried really hard to impress you at every restaurant. They really tried to make sure it was a great dining experience. -Bars/drinks: We didn't spend a lot of time at the bars because we mostly had drinks delivered while at the pool/beach, but all of the drinks we had no matter which bar they came from were all great. My favorite was the Jamaican Smile. I think my husband's was probably a mojito. The club Desires at night is a lot of fun. Also, the nightly entertainment SWO had were all great. They had a lot of variety in the shows we saw. All of the servers at the bars and around the pool/beach were also great. It was like they really did want to make you happy. -Room/resort overall: The rooms were gorgeous. We did the regular rooms, but ocean view. It was so much nicer than what we had pictured. The rooms are trendy and different than the norm, so it felt really special. The shower is awesome and, this may sound strange, but I miss the hair dryer there. The nightly turn down service was unexpected. When we came in after being out at night it was nice to have the bed already turned down and the room felt welcome. The resort overall was definitely a great surprise. We had not expected it to be as big and nice as it was. All the amenities and the layout were above our imagination of what they would be. If you do go I recommend staying on the Wild Orchid side instead of St. James just because of the walk to all the dining options, but since you have run of both areas either resort would work. Overall, this resort and the whole trip were awesome and definitely something we want to go back and do again.

View from our room...I miss it!
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Overall Rating: 5
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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Top 50 Contributor
From: Nashville, TN
Age: 25-34
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

January 2, 2011
Great, But I Would Not Call it "Unlimited Luxury"

Overall this was a wonderful vacation, we came back relaxed and happy, and though the weather was not perfect every day we were there, it was enough to give our skin and our outlooks a nice glow. The staff at Secrets Wild Orchid was just fabulous. Everyone is so happy-appearing and friendly -- I think that is Jamaica in general. I WOULD go again. Any shortcomings about this resort and any negative reviews I have read, I tend to pass off as just from whiners or malcontents. HOWEVER: Whiners and malcontents aside (I do not think I am one of those), I do want to give an honest review, and it does include some "things I wish were different" and some disappointments, so here goes. (And it turns out to be quite long. Apologies.) We traveled with our 26-year-old daughter. We have not had a vacation in many years, and we were exhausted and all three of us needed full-on pampering. For the cost of this trip, and the words "unlimited luxury" in the ad copy, I certainly expected that. I am not really sure we got it. What we got was nice, but not "unlimited luxury." The beach is lovely and kept pristine by daily raking early in the morning before most guests get up. The pools are cleaned daily, as well. There are plenty of deck and beach chairs (at least there were for the number of people there while we were there) and fresh towels on the beach. The ocean is clean and it was bathwater warm when we were there (last week of December). The rooms were well appointed. We loved the beds (very comfortable and clean, with nice pillows) we loved the cleanliness and newness of the rooms. The setup of the bathroom was concerning to our daughter. The rooms are definitely not set up for anything other than lovers, and mostly I would say honeymooners. There is only a mesh screen between the bathroom and one of the beds. The toilet area is behind a glass door, and the bathroom itself has a sliding glass door for semi-privacy, but anything that happens in that bathroom is visible and audible to anyone else in the room, and is within a couple of inches from one of the beds. When you first see the setup, it looks lovely and chic, but then the first time someone uses the bathroom, you realize it's not practical. I'm not concerned with undressing in front of others, but my daughter is. This is not suitable for anyone other than two people who are extremely intimate with each other -- so two men or women friends (not lovers) traveling together might find it uncomfortable. My daughter had this most valid observation: Logically it makes no sense to have two beds in a room with a bathroom that contains zero privacy. If you're not sleeping with that other person, you certainly don't want to see or hear them doing their thing in the bathroom. I thought that maybe this was only in a certain class of room, but other guests inquired of me whether this was the setup in our room, so that indicated to me that all the rooms are essentially identical, and that we weren't the only ones who found it a bit strange. As I've seen mentioned in many reviews about this resort, the shower leaked all over the floor into the toilet area. We never could figure out why that happened -- it didn't look like the shower should leak. But it made it quite unpleasant to have that wet floor and wet towels on the floor all the time, and the metal parts at the bottom of the glass doors were already showing rust (though this resort is brand new as of March 2010), and so it seems that this problem has been there from the start. There was plenty of food and plenty of alcohol, and we found service to be fast, cheerful and accommodating. But we are not big drinkers, and unfortunately I have to agree with some other reviewers that most of the food was only passably good -- sometimes it was VERY good (the beef filet in the French restaurant was excellent, as was the red snapper in the Italian restaurant, and I would say that the Christmas pudding in the French restaurant was the best Christmas pudding I've ever had -- really unique and delicious. Then again, I know that most of America doesn't even know what Christmas pudding is, so this would be irrelevant to them). But the food was mostly only passable and definitely not excitingly excellent as "unlimited luxury" would connote to me. The room service menu was appalling both in the number of items offered, and the foods on it -- definitely NOT full-on luxury for room service. Our Preferred package included unlimited DVD rentals, but when we asked where they were, we were told they were at the front desk of the main resort. We went over there, and the guy said that yesterday they had three, but they were old movies (Casablanca, Spiderman II, and something else), but that they have a problem with guests returning them, and they didn't have any available. Our Preferred package also included $200 in resort coupons. I used a couple of them in the spa, but honestly I feel that these coupons are a come-on. They are an inducement to get you to go and use services that are far more expensive than the coupons cover (and you can't use them for the less expensive services and can't combine them). Then there are coupons for $10 off wine, the cheapest bottle of which was a shiraz that I can buy at home in the supermarket for about $8, and the price for the bottle in the restaurant was $45. So I ended up drinking a glass of the free house wine with the meals I wanted wine with... and let's just say that the house wine also wasn't something I'd say fits in with "unlimited luxury." I liked the gym, though it was small -- WOW, the view from the elliptical machine, treadmill, or bikes was almost worth the price of the resort! (gorgeous ocean view, and often you could watch a cruise ship coming across the bay -- awesome!) The spa facilities are also lovely, and the massage I had was great. Again, though, not included in the price, and pretty expensive. The best deal in there is the day pass to the hydrotherapy/sauna/steam room: $55 That was quite wonderful, if you like that sort of thing (I do). I've seen some griping in some reviews about "absolutely no entertainment." I don't agree with this. There was something going on -- some of it quite great (wow, the fiddler one night had the most extensive and impressive and entertaining repertoire I might have ever seen before), every night. If you are dying for your Starbucks (or equivalent) fix, there is a wonderful coffee bar (all free and included in the price) for coffee, cappuccinos or lattes and alcoholic coffee drinks in the Wild Orchid shopping arcade (I don't really know what it is called, but that's what I'm calling it) that is very good. The coffee bar is called "Perfect Coffee." There is unlimited and free wifi in the room in the Preferred Club. Being very hooked into the net, my daughter and I really loved that. An unfortunate thing happened to us on checkout, though. Because of the Nor'Easter, we had extended our stay for two days. We inquired if they could accommodate us, and they could (for which we were very grateful), and we asked for the price. We were given a rate, they said it was confirmed, and we booked. But when we went to check out, they told us that that was a mistaken rate -- that it was for two persons, not three -- and they absolutely would not budge. I asked to talk to the manager and HER manager. (supposedly) They would not honor the rate they had quoted us, and I was very disappointed in that. However, it sure as heck beat lying on the floor in an airport somewhere with a mylar blanket over me. I do think it's a very unacceptable business practice to quote a rate, have the guests rely on that, and then not honor it. I also developed a bit of a crisis of conscience about the "tips included" portion of the all-inclusive package. About three days into our stay, I really started to wonder if the staff ever really see any tips, and I started tipping. I just couldn't bear to think that these people who worked so hard and were so cheerful and helpful all the time were not being appropriately compensated. Call me a bleeding heart -- I don't mind.

A glass of sorrel juice with rum and ginger, on the patio of Secrets Wild Orchid Preferred Club
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Overall Rating: 4
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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From: Vermont
Age: 45-54
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

May 12, 2011
Highly Recommend- Cannot wait to go back!

I will start off by saying that this was an amazing vacation! I think a lot of it comes down to expectations. Do not be turned off by the negative reviews; how someone can honestly think they are getting “5 star” for this price (all inclusive) is absurd. If you are looking for the quality of The Four Seasons, then pay more and go to The Four Seasons. If you want an affordable, beautiful vacation SWO will exceed your expectations. My husband and I traveled to SWO with another couple (all in our late 20s) for 1 week in April. Having done Preferred Club at other properties we did not even consider non-PC, and as always were very happy with our choice. We landed at the airport around 8:30am., and did not expect to be checked into our room prior to the 3pm check-in time. Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by Jeffrey the singing bellhop in SWO PC. The staff brought us mimosas and cold towels and encouraged us to change into our swimsuits and enjoy the property for a few hours until our room was ready. We were on the beach before 10am. Perfect! We returned to the desk around 2:30 and were escorted to our rooms. The rooms are magnificent! Every room in PC has a stunning view (especially at sunset). The rooms are very clean and pretty chic (similar to the style of a W hotel). We had read about people having bathroom privacy issues and what I had in my head (a curtain separating the toilet and the bed) was not at all the case. There was a large Jacuzzi tub which was separated from the bedroom by a nice curtain, but we thought this was a great setup. You could relax in the tub after a long day on the beach and watch TV, have a view of the beach, etc. The toilet and shower were in their own separate rooms with frosted glass (Yes- frosted. As in opaque/ not see-through). The mini-bar was always stocked with whatever we requested, the room service was always hot and fast, and the “secret box” was a great feature. As I mentioned before, we did not expect 5 star dining (we are from NYC and have had plenty of legit 5-star meals). The food here was more than fine. Nothing was ever under-cooked or cold. We never had to do this, but if you are unhappy with your meal you can easily just order another dish. Our reviews of the food and restaurants/ bars and drinks are as follows: - Breakfast buffet- Wonderful. There was nothing I could have possibly wanted that was not offered. We mainly ate made-to-order egg white omelets with fresh veggies and sides of fresh fruit but there were certainly heavier options offered as well. - Lunch- We ate at the poolside restaurant at SWO the first day and were not too impressed with the menu, however the salad bar offered many great lunch options. The next day we tried the poolside restaurant at St James and were much happier. They have standard lunch items that were done well (club sandwiches, salads, burgers, etc). We also ate in the buffet once and were pleased with that, but enjoyed the poolside atmosphere much more. - Snacks- The mini buffet in the PC lobby was great. They offered breakfast in the morning and then an array of snacks throughout the day that were perfect to grab a bite when coming up from the beach for the restroom (finger sandwiches, veggies and dip, chicken, pastries, etc). Around dinner time the options would change again and usually included a variety of sushi rolls. Not bad! And of course who can forget the Jerky Jerky chicken man. Delicious! Some people complain that he was hard to find, but I cannot understand how this is possible. He walks around the property and sings all afternoon! There were also stations set up around the pools with fresh coconuts and fresh fruit. We never had a problem finding delicious snacks when we were hungry. - Dinner- Never had a bad meal, nor did we ever have a problem getting a table. There were times when we had a 30-40 minute wait for a 4 person table but they give you a buzzer and you can head to the open-air martini bar and enjoy live music while you wait. All restaurants at home have a wait so how can you complain about that! Breakdown: o French restaurant- our least favorite, but the food was fine o Hibachi- fantastic! Marlin is a star; you must request to be seated at his table! o Japanese (not at the Hibachi table)- our favorite meal. The pad thai was delicious! o Jamaican- also delicious! Seafood rice and beef stew were great o Italian- being with NY-raised Italian men we were skeptical, but were pleasantly surprised. We were displeased with the sauce upon first bite, but just tossed on a little EVOO, salt and pepper from the table and it was a game changer! Great meal! - Room Service- We called ahead the evening before for breakfast to be delivered on one of our mornings and sure enough there were fresh omlettes delivered the next day. We never ordered the lunch or dinner but the menus were standard. We did order some late-night snacks which were also delivered quickly. I am not sure what people are expecting when they complain about a limited menu; there are club sandwiches, burgers, nachos, etc available 24/7. Did you want a lobster tail at 4am? I mean, really. - Pool Bars- The beach waitresses at SWO PC were a little slow, but you need to remember that they are on island time. Danielle was great! And if you don’t want to wait 15 minutes there is a bar about 50 feet away. The drinks were delicious (especially Bob Marley, Jamaican Smile, and Dirty Banana). In addition to Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light you can get bottles of Heineken and Miller Light if you ask. Also, there is Grey Goose vodka at almost every bar (not just in PC- although Brian makes a great drink) so we couldn’t understand why everyone was not ordering it but we took full advantage. - Piano Bar- Wonderful! Alvin was the best bartender on property and Andre was an amazingly talented musician. There is a nightly piano sing-along where everyone makes requests and sings along with Andre. This is great fun… at one point everyone in the bar (all ages) was down on the ground singing and dancing to “That Loving Feeling” from Top Gun, and getting low with “Shout!” We had the best time here! - Nightclub- Desires had some very current music and a fun dance party scene if you are looking for a little night-cap. Guests of all ages were dancing together and having a great time! We had fun on the banana boat and the hobie cat on the property, and a wonderful excursion on the catamaran cruise (snorkeling and a visit to Margaritaville). This was a wonderful trip at a great value and we cannot wait to go back!

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Overall Rating: 5
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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From: New York, NY
Age: 25-34
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

July 9, 2012
Best of all the Secrets and Dreams Resorts

Me and my husband have been traveling over 38 years to many different places .We usally visit one place once and move on to the next place for change, but we had to go back to this resort. It is our favorite resort of all the Secrets and Dreams .They took all the good things from each resort and put it all together in this one place.This resort is wonderfull, something for everyone, ocean is great, people very happy and friendly,food excellent, there is not one thing wrong at this resort. Go and have fun and be treated wonderfull!

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Overall Rating: 5
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Room Comfort
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Top 1000 Contributor
From: New York
Age: 55-64
Travel: 3-6 trips/year

Room Information

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay features 350 luxurious suites with upgraded amenities for a truly Unlimited-Luxury® stay. Rooms include whirlpool bathtub, bathrobes, slippers, coffee and tea maker, sofa, maid service, private furnished balcony and so much more. If you choose a Preferred Club room, you'll get even more great perks, including private check-in/out, private pool, concierge service, upgraded bath amenities and Internet access in your room.

Room Details

Junior Suite Garden View
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Junior Suite Ocean View
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Junior Suite Ocean Front
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View Swim-Out
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Deal of the Day ROH (Non Refundable)
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

What's to Love

As of June 2018 you can bring your furry friend along!

Chilly towels and refreshing champagne welcome you, Mon. (Start sayin' it, Mon, - you're in Jamaica.)

Strolling along a stretch of white-sand beach while gazing at the cobalt blue mountain range in the distance.

The Relaxing Moon and Stars massage (where you are beatified with tropical ingredients) and the Mud Bath Room (where you get dirty to get purified).

Butler phones booked through the Preferred Club. They'll draw your bath, bring you a coffee, you name it.

Awesome wedding/honeymoon packages with a 15% discount on all spa treatments.


What We'd Change

We wish Secrets Wild Orchid offered more swim-out rooms. They sell out quickly, but you can usually snag one by booking well in advance of your vacation.


Why You Should Go

Only 25 minutes from the airport, which means that first vacay cocktail is only minutes away.

Upgrade to the Preferred Club, get better rooms, afternoon hot and cold hors d' oeuvres and more.

Attention athletes: you can play tennis, beach football or volleyball.

Check out the jogging trail, water aerobics, the fitness center and dance classes. (lotsa things to keep you moving).

You can go on ATV rides and for less jostling around, you can play ping pong.

For a switch, you can play bocce ball, darts, or grab a game on a giant chess board.

Some of the restaurants have dress codes so make sure you bring your gussied-up duds. (No flip flops, tank tops or pumps with bikinis).

There are five golf courses nearby, one of which is the famed White Witch Golf Course & one that Tiger would love.

For water babies: sailing, catamaran, kayaking, snorkeling & deep-sea fishing.

You can sign up for introductory scuba in the swimming pool.

If you do the Secrets of Love wedding package, you can get Wedgwood Vera Wang Love Knots toasting flutes. Very nice.

Available Amenities

  • Tour Assistance
  • Car Rental Available
  • Volleyball
  • Business Center ($)
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Conference Facilities ($)
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Dive Shop
  • Fitness/Exercise Room
  • Gift Shop
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kayaks
  • Lounge Chairs/Umbrellas
  • Nightly Entertainment
  • Scuba Certification ($)
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming Pool(s)
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Scuba Diving ($)
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Aerobics
  • Basketball
  • Medical Services ($)
  • Ping Pong
  • Bicycles
  • Horseback Riding ($)
  • 9 Bars/Lounges
  • Darts
  • Bocce Ball
  • 8 Restaurants
  • Porter/Bellhop
  • Spa ($)
  • Yoga
  • Catamarans
  • Wedding Services ($)
  • 24 Hour Room Service
  • Honeymoon Packages ($)
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Wireless Internet
  • Free Parking
  • Beauty Salon ($)
  • Euro-bungee
  • Jogging Trail
  • Swim-Up Bar
  • Near the beach

Nearby Excursions & Attractions

  • ATV Rides
  • Beach
  • Deep-Sea Fishing
  • Dive Shop(s)
  • Fishing
  • Golf Course(s)
  • Horseback Riding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Watersports Rentals

Map of Local Area

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island, and can provide both a stimulating and tranquil vacation. It has traditions of reggae, rastafarianism, and Jamaican art mingle with modern all-inclusive resorts, fine cuisine, and cosmopolitan shopping.

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay

Lot 59A Freeport

+876 953 6600

Hotel Description

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay: Better Than Your Wildest Dreams

Imagine: you've finally landed in this tropical haven where that giant yellow glowing thing above you isn't the neon lights at work - no, friend, you're now in sun-drenched Jamaica where a half-mile stretch of unblemished, white-sand beach is waiting for you. In the distance is a cobalt blue mountain range that's a darker echo of the teal waves next to you. Is this paradise come down to earth?

We say, "yes." And you can go there now, Mon.

Secrets Wild Orchid has everything you have ever wanted in an all-inclusive getaway, and so very much more. There's a name for all this awesome - Unlimited-Luxury®. Here's a snapshot of what you get:

  • Unlimited gourmet a la carte dining - nine gourmet restaurants (no reservations needed), plus a coffee bar for your requisite caffeine rush.
  • 24-hour room service - if you wake at 4:13 am and want something, you can get it.
  • Limitless international and domestic top-shelf spirits (applies to natural fruit juices and soft drinks, too. All you can drink).
  • Daily refreshed, complimentary mini-bar. You'll never be parched.
  • Nightly entertainment - weekly theme parties by the pool. Get ready!
  • Pool and beach wait service. (Chilled beverages at your beck and call).
  • No wristbands. (You're not at a sleepaway camp).
  • No gratuities, unless you are so moved.
  • Sip, Savor & See lets you nosh/partay at the neighboring Sunscape resorts (just book by 3pm.)
  • Free Wi-Fi with Unlimited Connectivity - mobile app that lets you stay connected, that is, if you want to.


Prime your taste buds for nine (count 'em) gourmet grub spots: seafood, French, Jamaican-Caribbean, Mexican, Asian Fusion, Italian, two grills, international, and for your daily Joe, Coco Cafe. At one stellar restaurant, you can dine 24-hours a day. Check with the front desk to see where you can nosh day and night. It's a party in your mouth.

Type: Seafood
Hours: Daily, 7pm-10pm
Description: Cozy ocean view dining that changes throughout the day.
Dress code: casual elegant.

Type: French
Hours: Daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: An escape to Paris, without ever leaving the island.
Dress code: casual elegant.

Blue Mountain
Type: Jamaican-Caribbean
Hours: Daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: Locally inspired food that's truly homemade.
Dress code:
Casual elegant.

El Patio
Type: Mexican
Hours: Daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: Mexican menu served in a festive atmosphere.
Dress code: Casual elegant.

Type: Asian Fusion
Hours: Daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: Partake at a teppanyaki table, where your chef is front and center, and all the attention is on you.
Dress code: Casual elegant.

Hours: Daily, 6pm-10pm
Description: Italian cuisine, in the trattoria tradition. Mouthwatering dishes paired with amazing selections from the wine cellar.
Dress code: Casual elegant.

Barefoot Grill
Type: Grill
Hours: Daily, 11am-6pm
Description: Ocean-side grill serving grilled specialties.
Dress code: Resort casual.

World Cafe
Type: International
Hours: Breakfast - daily, 7am-11am; Lunch - daily, 12:30pm-3:30pm
Description: A grand buffet offering local and international dishes.

Seaside Grill
Type: Grill
Hours: Daily, noon-5pm
Description: Enjoy a variety of grilled favorites with ocean views.
Dress code: Resort casual.

CoCo Cafe
Type: Pastries
Hours: Daily, 6am-10pm
Description: A peaceful nook with yummy pastries, coffee and tea.

All hours are subject to change.


Refreshing concoctions of all sorts abound in eight epic spots: piano bar, swim-up bar, open-air bar, breezy open-air bar, music/sports lounge, lobby bar with music, juice bar and of course, pool bar. Salud!

The Lounge
A stylish piano bar with live music. Daily, 10am-1am.

Manatees Bar
Swim-up bar serving drinks and cocktails. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Marlin Bar
Open-air bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Barracuda Beach Bar
Breezy open-air bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.

Desires Music Lounge
Big sports bar featuring flat-screen TVs, DJ and dance floor. Daily, 7pm-1:30am.

Piano Bar
Cuban-themed lounge featuring live music. Daily, 7pm-12:30am.

Rendezvous Lobby Bar
Hip piano bar featuring live music. Daily, 10am-1am.

Revive Juice Bar
Daily, 8am-8pm.

Sugar Reef Pool Bar
Swim-up bar. Daily, 10am-6pm.


With over a mile of sugar-white sand private beach kissed by turquoise tides with a blue mountain range on the horizon, this beatific haven offers palapas, cabanas and loungers for your melting pleasure. Also, delish is an over-sized, dual-temperature free-form swimming pool and three Jacuzzis. Peace out, beach lovers.


Over-sized, dual-temperature free-form swimming pool with complimentary wait service.



  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Water aerobics
  • Water sports center

Available for an additional charge:

  • Catamaran
  • Scuba


  • Fitness
  • Basketball
  • Bocce ball
  • Darts
  • Jogging trail
  • Ping-pong
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Tee it up at one of the 5 championship golf courses are near the resort.


Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available throughout the resort. Guests can also stay in touch with friends and family back home with the interactive Secrets Spa & Resorts mobile app.


The 15,000-sq-ft spa offers a staff of professional therapists to help you relax and unwind. Daily, 8am-8pm.
  • Massages
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Body treatments
  • Hair salon


Enjoy complimentary services from the on-site wedding coordinator, who can help with all the details prior to and on your special day. Contact the front desk for more information.

Honeymoon Bonus
Complimentary Honeymoon & Wedding Anniversary Package:
Please request your honeymoon or anniversary package at time of booking. This package is complimentary when booking a Junior Suite Ocean View Preferred Club or higher category room for at least seven nights. It includes a welcome letter, fresh fruit, one bottle of champagne, fresh flowers in the room on the day of arrival, special turn-down service, champagne breakfast in bed (reservations must be made in advance with guest services), tension release massage for two, choice of European facial or salt glow scrub body treatment for two and a private beachfront dinner for one evening.


This is an adult-only resort. No child care is available.


For a $65 fee at all Secrets Brand resorts, you can now bring your furry friend who is under 22lbs (10kg.) along for your beach vacation!

Included in the fee: dog bed, food and water bowls, dog toys, waste bags, dog towel and a "dog-in-room" door hanger to let those around you know your furry friend is in tow!

Additional dog amenities available for a fee.

Additional restrictions apply.


25 minutes from Sangsters International Airport (MBJ).

Check In/Check Out
Check-in: 3pm. check-out: noon.
A valid credit card may be required upon check-in for possible incidentals not included in your hotel reservation.

Resort Awards
2014 AAA Four Diamond Award
Rainforest Alliance Verified

Minimum Stay
A 3-night minimum stay is required for travel Jul 21-22, 2017.
A 4-night minimum stay is required for travel Dec 26-31 each year.


Smoking Advisory
, Effective July 15, 2013, Jamaica's Health Minister banned smoking in all covered public places on the island.

Deal of the Day Terms and Conditions
By booking the Deal of the Day room you are getting an even bigger discount on your vacation! Please note that by booking this room category we are unable to cancel or modify your hotel stay. Any changes or cancellations to the Deal of the Day room category will be assessed a 100% fee. No refund or credit will be issued for the hotel portion of your reservation.

All hours, fees, amenities, information and services are subject to change without notice.
Note: The use of drones or artifacts that fly or float in or on the premises of AMResorts hotels is strictly forbidden, except for those that have written authorization from the General Management of the hotel

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Travel Dates 9/16 - 10/23
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4 days, 3 nights
Travel Dates 10/26 - 12/21
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5 days, 4 nights
Travel Dates 1/2 - 2/6
Starting at $1439 was $2559

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5 days, 4 nights
Travel Dates 2/22 - 4/11
Starting at $1709 was $3049

Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Limited availability based on departure city and travel dates.

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