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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

Dominican Republic - Punta Cana

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5 Nights with Air from $839 All-Inclusive
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4.3 out of 5
"The beach, pool, and service were all excellent. The food was average at best, but the drinks more than made up for it. I'd go back in the future for the right price......."
498 out of 583 (85%) customers would recommend this product to a friend. Read All Reviews
Just one section of the Pool Gazebo by the beach used for weddings first surprise of the trip a perfect place for a wedding Fine dinning and great photo opps! A huge PAELLA at the beach evening at the hotel... Delicious dinner on the beach!!! Our romantic anniversary dinner on the beach Beautiful Beach View from our ocean front room View from Room Photo of the pool at night! The beginning of the biggest pool ever Nice pool Beautiful grounds and beach the beautiful beach Very nice beach Sunrise on a cloudy day The Beach Relaxing at the pool:) pool Frozen margarita & pina colada--delicious! part of the lower lobby The Pool It doesn't get any better than this - elevaton 0, population 2. Pool was Excellent! Beach Party awesome sunrise Swimming w/sharks Nice beach 1/2 of our breakfast staff Beach front room Wonder staff Bar by French restaurant Early morning snorkle The main lobby! A view from the lobby View from the Adults Only Pool Bar from our deck On our last day...Carlos. Beautiful beaches Hotel beach Loved the bali beds by pool Beautiful beach! 3 pools, 2 adults only Pool and Room BBQ on beach Water Aerobics at the pool beach The Wedding Gazebo Beach at Sunset! Gazebo for many weddings Beautiful sunsets Chef Rudy. Jacuzzi in the room Beach Beach Reef Explorer Sunset from our balcony steak grill Snorkeling on the beach the beach
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June 22, 2013
Well-run resort

Very pleased with cleanliness and friendliness of staff and their attention to detail. The room was well-appointed, clean and the bed was very comfortable for us (firm). The mini bar was well-stocked daily and bottled water was always available. There are signs in the bathroom indicating not to drink the tap water. This means don't rinse your toothbrush in it or wash your mouth out with it! We stayed four nights and never had any stomach/intestinal problems. The food was good. For those who complained in other reviews, I would say that they have not traveled much to other countries. Basically, you are not going to get standard good ol' USofA fare. You are going to eat the way they eat prepared the way they prepare it! The buffet had a large variety of items and guests should be able to find something to their liking. If you are traveling without minors, upgrading the the Colonial Club is a bargain. The private club room had snacks from 6am to midnight You can also have breakfast and lunch in the LeGormet dining room if you are staying in the club section. The food basically was the same food that is in the buffet but served in a nice quiet setting by very attentive staff. I had an omelette prepared with the ingredients I requested. For lunch, we had a small beef tenderloin steak and grilled fresh vegetables. Very Good! Also, with the Colonial Club rooms you have a private check-in area and are assigned a butler. Our butler, DeLeon, saw to our every need and explained every detail of the resort upon check-in. The adult pool area was great and the swim-up bar and bartenders Nolberto and Santa Franco were fantastic. It was also nice to have a roped off beach area for adults only. The only short -coming we found was the internet service. WiFi basically didn't work in the room and the club room computer area was slow to connect. However, for a carribbean island it was manageable. I would highly recommend this resort. As a side note, even though this is an all-inclusive resort, take some single bills and tip the staff. Consider that they make only about $7 A DAY. A few dollars a day in tips from someone who can afford this vacation is not a big expense.

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Overall Rating: 5
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Top 10 Contributor
From: Pine Island, Florida
Age: 55-64
Travel: 3-6 trips/year

November 29, 2011
“Mamajuanna go again!!”

We had the most amazing time! From the moment we arrived we were greeted with a drink and a smile. The front desk attendant upgraded us to a swim-up room thanks to our booking agent - it was well worth everything! The room was GORGEOUS! Clean, cool, large - our backyard had a jacuzzi, lounge chairs and the pool was RIGHT THERE! We were a mere minute swim away from the wet bar in the pool..great location! If you didn't want to spend all of your time at the pool, fear not! The beach was in sight and a simple 2 minute walk. There are only 2 towel stands to get your beach/pool towels and we happened to be around the corner from one...perfect location yet again. And possibly the best part...the Steakhouse/Seafood restaurant was directly across the pool from our room...glorious! The food was excellent! We enjoyed the breakfast buffet every morning - the staff was kind and courteous, the food was declicious with so many options and the coffee boys were great! The lunch at the beach restaurant was delicious also - you definitely can't go hungry here! We ate dinner at the seafood restaurant, steak house, hibachi and the french restaurant - The Hibachi was well worth making the reservation for - they were so much fun! The French restaurant (Le Cuisine) was recommended by another couple and we were so happy they made the recommendation! Pack pants gentlemen! That's the only restaurant with a dress code and it is well worth packing them in the suitcase - the food was amazing! The steak was divine as was everything else :) The staff is quite possibly the hardest working staff I have ever seen. They see you at breakfast with a smile and then again you see them at a dinner wearing another hat, and still with a smile. Jose Luis & Pablo at the Seafood Restaurant were the best! They made us feel comfortable and made sure we were happy every night - They never forgot us, even if we saw them at lunch or out walking around. Our favorite part was the pool bar - the bartenders became our friends - It wasn't hard to do since they were genuine, nice and serving us delicious cold drinks every day - Nolberto and all of his fellow bartenders are a big part of why we will be back next year! The Animation Team was another reason we had so much fun on our trip! Daily they were at the pool early talking to everyone, getting the games and activities set up for the day and showing off their dance moves...excellente!! They provided entertainment during the day and then again at night - they too, were hard working and still showed us fun and their big smiles! We had an amazing trip and can't wait to go back!! Don't worry if it lasts 5 minutes and the sun is back and shining the rest of the day! Just a few tips...your American dollars work well there - there's no need to exchange money - Although it's all-inclusive, feel free to throw a few dollars down at each meal - we tipped a few dollars at breakfast and lunch and a bit more at dinner - depending on the service (which again, was phenomenal!) They truly appreciate it and it's well worth your money :) Pack a beach towel in case you're not as lucky to have a towel station close to you. We went on 2 excursions while there - the Reef Explorer (a half day spa trip) which, for the price, we would not recommend. It wasn't as good as we thought it could be. The Super Truck Compay Safari Tour is a MUST! It is a full day tour on an open-air truck with stops at a local school, a church, sugar cane fields, a home where they make fresh cocoa, sugar cane and mamajuanna (delicious!) and also a ranch where you get a delicious true Dominican meal, watch cigars being made and get to go horse back riding - The trip ends on a beach that is so blue and beautiful - It was awesome!! We hope this has helped you and maybe we'll see you there next year!

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Overall Rating: 5
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From: Queens, NY
Age: 25-34
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

May 25, 2014
Solid Bang For Your Buck

Ok, I am in my mid 40's. I travelled with my two children -in their early 20's, and my parents-in their 70's. We were there for 8 days thanks to an amazing deal from Cheap Caribbean. We are all reasonably healthy and walking is not an issue for us. First, the hotel was lovely. At the most-- it only took about 5-7 minutes to get anywhere...from the beach to the pool to the dining areas. The food was not cruise worthy, however, it was tasty, varied, and plentiful. The rooms were clean and very nice. We had the junior suites, the least expensive type room. My only issue with the room was that there was no privacy for the bathroom area at all. The doors to the tiny water closet and the shower stall were frosted glass and did not reach the floor nor ceiling...there was no place to change privately or go the bathroom. However, we just stepped out or looked away, and it was absolutely do-able. I think this was more to do with air conditioning flow than design. The pool and beach area's were fantastic! Entertainment was just so so...night life wasn't great but wasn't awful. We are pool and beach people so after dinner, we listened to the band at the plaza, watched the show in the theater, and then my adult children went to the club and I went to bed. We were all happy. Now, we asked, and the table water and ice cubes were absolutely fine to drink, and we all did. We used bottled water to brush our teeth, rinse our toothbrush, and rinse our mouths...We brought double walled large cups for beverages (highly suggest this) and we rinsed them out nightly with bottled water. Keep your mouth shut tight in the shower....really. We all ate about the same things. Everyone except me did have stomach issues at one point or another. The only thing we could figure I did differently was I ate a container of the local 'Yogurt with Cereal' with my breakfast every morning. I ate cooked fish, pineapple, cantaloupe, goat, just like everyone I don't know... Tips: -Use their beach towels, they are worn, but you can exchange them as often as you like for a dry ones. -Bring a double walled plastic cup, the bartenders are happy to fill these with what ever you like-less work for them, otherwise you'll go through a ton of tiny plastic you'll spend a little less in tips if you decide to tip. -Bring 1 and 5 dollar bills and use them. While tipping is not required, doing so will get you extra good service and not one of us had a complaint. Give your house keeper a tip each morning (I gave her $5/day). We had plenty of towels and our cleaning needs were all met. You really do need to tip daily, do not wait until the end, otherwise you won't see the benefit of the tip...There is a separate person who fills up your mini-bar...leave them a dollar or two literally in the fridge-my parents did that and each day got 4 beers instead of two, and refills of the chocolate bars we all enjoyed on day one. (I didn't do that and only got 2 beers and no additional chocolate each day) -We gave our pool & beach servers, bartenders, and wait staff in both the buffet and restaurants a $1 to $5 each time, and we had great service all around. I ended up spending under $100 for me and my two adult children for all of these tips combined over the 8 days....I don't think that is bad at all! -BRING YOUR OWN SUNSCREEN AND LOTS OF IT!!! I ran out and had to purchase some-one bottle of the squirt-on cream kind, spf 50, was $33...and I got a deal...the spray bottle kind was $45....I bought the cream and it lasted a lot longer. It is what it's worth bringing your own, but frankly, it is worth buying it there if you need it as the sun is really is plenty of shade all over if you want it. -while I'm sure the more expensive rooms are also great, we spent very little time in our rooms-to change our clothes and I'm not sure the added expense would actually be worth it-at least not for us. -Do bring some kind of anti-diahrrea medicine, and what ever else you generally might need because these items are very expensive if you need to buy them. ***When you get off the plane in the Punta Cana Airport, be aware that there is a $10/per person fee. Don't know why, but I was warned to bring exact change for the people in my party...I did and had no problems. We were not charged the $10 fee for the return home trip. At the end of our 8 day trip, all spent at the resort, each and everyone of us said we loved it and want to return next year -if not sooner! Just remember it is not a fancy cruise...the rooms are clean and very nice. Keep the sink and shower water away from your insides, a dollar means a lot to these people so do show your appreciation and they will give you extra good service. Bring a double walled plastic cup. The food, although not cruise worthy, is tasty, varied, and plentiful. We all agreed that this resort gives a big bang for your buck!

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Overall Rating: 5
Beaches & Pools
Dining Options
Room Comfort
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From: Central Massachusetts
Age: 45-54
Travel: 3-6 trips/year

November 12, 2014
Just Booked it again for 2015!

I took my two adult children on a one week trip to the Majestic Colonial. We all thought it was a great value for your dollar and have decided to return in 2015. Here is what you should know: we stayed in the standard junior suite with jacuzzi...the bathroom is open to the bed area. The toilet is literally in a small stall similar to public restrooms, the short door is frosted glass. The shower area is much larger but also separated by frosted glass. The jacuzzi is as in the picture, open in front of the beds. I believe this is to air condition the whole space. We made due by having people sit on the balcony while people changed. We did not use the jacuzzi. It was fine. Just know there is no privacy with in the room. Everything here is included, including gratuity. However, let me just say that I found a few dollars goes a long way. We found that if we left a buck with our server/wait staff, our service was exceptional. A buck or two with the bartender and we rarely waited for our beverage. We left $5 each morning for the cleaning staff and everything was just perfect. A buck or two in the fridge (yes, it was a different person stocking the fridge each day) and our requests were always met. (Don't wait until the end as you will miss out on the exceptional service) Please keep in mind I spent under $100 on all gratuities for an 8 day drip with 3 adults, and the difference in service was extraordinary...well worth it! I brought beach towels, and never used them...we just used can exchange them when they get wet so we always had dry towels! We really didn't care that they were a bit worn...they did what we needed them to do..dry us I did bring large insulated cups and those worked out great! Fewer trips to the bar, ...The staff is very happy to use them. Just remember to rinse them each night with bottled water only. (not tap water!) When showering, remember to keep your mouth shut and not allow water in! Very important! Suck on a mint or something if your or your child has trouble with it. The nightly entertainment was ok. My kids loved the club at night. The beach and pool areas are awesome! Bring a hat!!! and sunglasses! AND TONS OF SUNSCREEN! I ran out of sunscreen and paid $30 for a bottle I paid $8 for at home....bring it! The sun will burn you there.. I don't care if you don't get burned at home...if I had a nickel for every person that said, 'I don't get it! I never burn at home!' I probably would have had enough to stay another week! Finally, there is a Cheap Caribbean Rep located in the hotel lobby. We found him to be very helpful when we had questions and what not. I did attend the little seminar thing...some of the info was indeed helpful, but mostly, if you are interested in going off property ...excursion or on your own, he is a great resource. This is a solid bang for your buck! It's not luxury at it's finest, but it is luxury and it is a great vacation.

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Overall Rating: 4
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Room Comfort
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From: Massachusetts, USA
Age: 45-54
Travel: 1-2 trips/year

Room Information

The Majestic Colonial Punta Cana features 658 rooms distributed in two different sections, Majestic Colonial and Colonial Club. The Majestic Colonial is family-friendly, while the Colonial Club is adult-only. All rooms are furnished in Colonial-style decor and marble accents, a king size 4-poster bed or two double size beds and a complete bathroom with jetted tub and walk-in shower with three functions: rain, massage and soft.

Other features include a ceiling fan, satellite TV, a mini bar (restocked daily), safety deposit box, coffee maker, a sofa and working desk, terrace or balcony and a bottle of champagne upon arrival. Rooms also offer a unique privacy feature: presence sensors, which will inform the staff whether or not the room is occupied (do not disturb). Rooms also have a "Room Service Closet" used for delivery and retrieval of room service articles.

Room Details

Junior Suite with Jacuzzi
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Majestic Junior Suite (Swim Up)
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Colonial Club Junior Suite with Jacuzzi - Adults Only
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Colonial Club Majestic Junior Suite (Swim Up) - Adults Only
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Junior Suite Ocean View with Jacuzzi
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Colonial Club Junior Suite Ocean View with Jacuzzi -...
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Colonial Junior Suite Ocean Front (Outdoor Jacuzzi)
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

One Bedroom Suite with Jacuzzi
1 Bedroom Suite Details

Colonial Club Colonial Junior Suite Ocean Front (Outdoor...
Hotel/Studio Unit Details

Colonial Club One Bedroom Suite with Jacuzzi - Adults Only
1 Bedroom Suite Details

What's to Love

Every single room at the Majestic Colonial has its own jetted tub and a walk-in shower with multi-function shower head. It's little extras like these and others that make Majestic Colonial something special.


What We'd Change

There are not as many rooms as you might like. But the smaller resort creates a much more intimate experience for families and couples.


Why You Should Go

Majestic Punta Cana offers an all-inclusive natural paradise with a jetted tub in every room, and a location that's walking distance from one of the most magnificent beaches in the world.

Available Amenities

  • Tour Assistance
  • Car Rental Available
  • Beach Bar
  • Business Center ($)
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Casino ($)
  • Babysitting/Child Care ($)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Fitness/Exercise Room
  • Golf Course ($)
  • Grocery Store
  • Lounge Chairs/Umbrellas
  • Nightly Entertainment
  • Room Service ($)
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming Pool(s)
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Aerobics
  • 24 Hour Front Desk
  • 24 Hour All-Inclusive
  • Wedding Services
  • Sauna
  • Poolside Bar
  • Steam Room
  • Parking
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Mini Golf
  • Basketball
  • Medical Services ($)
  • Ping Pong
  • Nightclub/Disco
  • Billiards
  • Scuba Lessons
  • Arcade
  • 7 Restaurants
  • Porter/Bellhop
  • Shopping
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Catering
  • ATM/Banking
  • 10 Bars/Lounges
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Audio-Visual Equipment ($)
  • Spa ($)
  • Conference Facilities ($)
  • Mobile Phone Rental
  • Secretarial Services
  • Spa Services ($)
  • Handicap Room Available
  • Golf Packages Available ($)
  • Honeymoon Packages ($)
  • Wireless Internet Access ($)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Watersports Center ($)
  • Beach Towels
  • Pool Towels (complimentary)
  • Loungers at Beach and Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Swim-Up Bar
  • Gift Shop ($)
  • Babysitting Services ($)
  • Banquet Facilities ($)

Nearby Excursions & Attractions

  • Bars and Nightlife
  • Dive Shop(s)
  • Golf Course(s)
  • Medical Facilities
  • Motor Boat Rentals
  • Nature Park(s)
  • Nightlife
  • Parasailing
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water-Skiing
  • Windsurfing

Map of Local Area

The Dominican Republic continues to grow as a major tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and abundance of available activities.

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

Playa Bavaro

+809 221 9898

Hotel Description

Majestic Colonial: Punta Cana is Luxury for Couples and Families

Dreaming about sand beneath your feet and a chilled fruity drink in your hands? It's time to wake up and head to Majestic Colonial Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Just minutes from Bavaro Beach, Majestic Colonial stands apart as an all-inclusive resort, sporting jetted tubs in every room, a natural tropical setting and a free-form, lagoon-style pool that meanders its way through the center of the complex.

Lookin' to sport khakis and cool spiked sneakers at the Punta Blanca 18-hole golf course, designed by Nick Price, that's just 200 m from the resort? If you're planning on staying five nights or more, you get one round of golf on the house. Majestic Colonial's Pioneer Kid's Club tends to munchkins ages 3-14. A beautifully decorated castle, decorated with colorful cartoon animation, houses its own pool and slides, as well as a variety of sports, a mini disco, movies and a weekly birthday party on Saturdays for any birthday that falls during that week. And since the little ones will be more than entertained by Majestic Colonial's well-trained staff, you've got plenty of time for you.

Now that you've worked up an appetite on the greens, scoop up your munchkins and catch your reservation at Supreme for an array of Italian cuisine. Or experience teppanyaki, an authentic Japanese cooking presentation at Matsuri, where you'll dine a la carte on fine sushi and a complete menu of Oriental entrees and desserts.

As the day winds down, there's nothing like swimming up to your suite and snoozing on the gorgeous Bali bed or hopping right in the jetted tub, so a Colonial Club Swim Up Suite for adults only is a must. If you're traveling with the family, the One Bedroom Suite is spacious enough for everyone, and you still get an amazing in-room jetted tub!

This hotel is All-Inclusive.
Features include:

  • Selected accommodations
  • All meals and snacks
  • Local and selected international drinks
  • Hotel taxes, service charges, gratuities


This hotel includes unlimited food and drinks, but some dining restrictions may apply. Please check with the front desk for details.

Hours: Breakfast - daily, 7am-10am; Lunch - daily, 12:30pm-3pm; Dinner - daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Specializing in international foods, including two cooking centers, Italian and grilled foods, pastas, pizzas, salads.
Dress code: Resort casual

La Hispaniola
Type: International
Hours: Continental breakfast - daily, 10:30am-12:30pm; Lunch - daily, 12:30pm-3:30pm; Snacks - daily, 3:30pm-6:30pm (terrace only)
Description: A la carte beach front restaurant. This restaurant turns into the Rodeo Grill and Tres Carabelas for dinner.

Tres Carabelas
Type: Seafood
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10:30pm
Description: Oceanfront restaurant located in the Palapa Hut on the beach. Specializing in seafood from around the island.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Long pants, dress shirt, polo shirt, casual or formal shoes.

Rodeo Grill
Type: Steakhouse
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10:30pm
Description: Specializing in meats prepared on the grill, accompanied by a selection of sauces and garnishes.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Long pants, dress shirt, polo shirt, casual or formal shoes.

Le Gourmet
Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10pm
Description: Located on the ground floor of the lobby, offering European dishes in a tropical, candlelit setting. Reservations required. All children starting age 12 are welcome.

Type: Caribbean
Hours: Daily, 7pm-midnight
Description: A la carte restaurant, specializing in Caribbean food.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Long pants, dress shirt, polo shirt, casual or formal shoes.

Hours: Daily, 6:30pm-10:30pm
Description: A la carte restaurant, specializing in Eastern and Oriental Cuisine. Reservations required for the Teppanyaki Japanese Cooking Presentation.
Dress code: Elegant casual. Long pants, dress shirt, polo shirt, casual or formal shoes.

La Bodeguita del Majestic
Snack bar
Hours: Daily, 11pm-6am
Description: Selection of late night snacks.

All hours are subject to change.


Piano Bar
Daily, 9am-midnight

Lobby Bar
Daily, 5pm-1am

Sports Bar
Daily, 6pm-11pm

Disco Cocos
Daily, 11pm-4am

Theater Bar
Daily, 8pm-midnight

Plaza Bar
Daily, 6pm-midnight

Parrots Bar
Daily, 9am-6pm

Wet Bar
Daily, 9am-6pm

Beach Bar
Daily, 10am-11pm

Slot machines available 4pm-3am and tables from 8pm-3am.

La Bodequita del Majestica
Daily, 11pm-6am


The Majestic Colonial Punta Cana is located on Bavaro Beach, one of the most beautiful, clean beaches in the world and just a 3-minute walk from the hotel. Towels, umbrellas and lounge chairs are provided at the beach.


Catch some rays at the resorts free-form swimming pool that winds through the property and ends at the beach. With a children's pool and a Jacuzzi, you'll love relaxing here. A number of rooms have direct access to the swimming pool. Towels, umbrellas and lounge chairs are provided at the pool.



  • Kayaks
  • Windsurfing
  • Water polo
  • Catamaran
  • Snorkeling
  • Sail boats


  • Fitness
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Ping-pong
  • Pool tables
  • Football
  • French balls
  • Darts

Adults get 1 complimentary green fee per 5-night stay at Punta Blanca Golf Course, just five minutes from the hotel entrance. Adults in the Colonial Club get 2 complimentary green fees per 5-night stay.

Offering 18 holes, the course was designed by the world-famous Nick Price. All players will be challenged at this course; each hole has a unique style from its undulating fairways, bunkers and lakes presenting a new adventure with each game. Take advantage of the full-service clubhouse and enjoy spectacular views while relaxing after your game. Please see Additional Information below for more details.


Guests can access complimentary WiFi throughout the property, including the beach.


The Majestic Spa offers a relaxing atmosphere and a selection of body and health treatments for an additional charge. Daily, 8am-8pm.
  • Saunas
  • Massages
  • Beauty Salon
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Turkish bath


Majestic Colonial Punta Cana is the perfect setting to tie the knot. With wedding packages to make your day unforgettable, let the wedding planners take care of the details while you relax on the beach.

Honeymooon Bonus
Newlywed guests who visit through Dec 24, 2015 are eligible for honeymoon bonus perks. Guests must have been married within 1 month of arrival and present a copy of their wedding certificate at check in. A remark must also be placed on the reservation prior to arrival. Features include:

  • Welcome banner on your suite door
  • 1 breakfast in your suite
  • 1 dinner at the beach restaurant
  • 1 exotic fruit platter in your suite upon arrival
  • Upgrade to the next available room (subject to hotel availability)
  • 1 bottle of champagne in your suite upon arrival
  • Early check in and late check out (subject to hotel availability)
  • A 10% discount at the Majestic spa


The Pioneers Club is a beautifully decorated castle with a colorful cartoon animation on its interior walls and is fully equipped. Offering a wide variety of facilities, games and activities for your kids, the highly trained staff will take care of all their needs. The club offers activities for children ages 4 to 14. Daily, 9am-7pm.


The Majestic Colonial Punta Cana is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, in Arena Gorda (Bavaro Beach), next to the beautiful Macao beach and only 22 kms away from the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ).

Check In/Check Out
Check-in: 3pm. Check-out: noon.
A valid credit card may be required upon check in for possible incidentals not included in your hotel reservation.

Holy Week
In observance of Holy Week, some resorts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Costa Rica may put limits on the use of motorized water sports, and loud music.

Complimentary Golf Policy
Guests may play one complimentary green fee per adult per five-night stay for travel through January 6, 2014 Colonial Club Section Only: Two complimentary green fees per adult per five-night stay for travel through January 6, 2014 Driving range and balls are included Pick-up and drop-off at the lobby of hotel is included Please note that use of a golf cart is MANDATORY and NOT included with this promotion. Golf cart fees are approximately $48.00 per person (subject to change) Green fees must be booked on individual basis, and are not applicable to groups for tournaments or scrambles Green fees are not transferable between guests and a minimum five-night stay required per adult to qualify

For more information or to book tee times:

All hours, fees, amenities, information and services are subject to change without notice.

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